Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Czehoski Restaurant on Queen West
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I've been having a bit more fun rating restaurants in Toronto on Restaurantica. My favourite place out there is Czehoski. It's a great place to meet friends for drinks in summer or winter. Menu is small but there's a great selection of drinks, even organic wines.

It was my top pick too when I wrote a piece last fall for Variety magazine. New Yorkers (Gotham edition) could get a quick look at the best places to hit in Toronto for nightlife when visiting during the Toronto International Film Festival.

At the time I sat down for an informal interview with the Manager of Czehoski; he revealed great stories about the former mob hangout and butcher shop, remnants of which are immediately obvious when walking through the door. On the second floor it's another world entirely, small intimate areas make up the space.

Visit Restaurantica for more of my review.


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Restaurantica rocks!!

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